Ghani and Khan both state importance of comprehensive ceasefire

President Ashraf Ghani said at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Imran Khan that Pakistan’s prime minister came with a message that violence is not the answer to the current situation.

Ghani also called Khan’s visit to Kabul a historic trip.

According to Ghani “the demand of Afghan people is for a comprehensive ceasefire.”

عمران خان، نخست وزير پاكستان كه به دعوت رسمي دولت جمهوري اسلامي افغانستان، ساعت پيش به كابل رسيد، طي مراسمي در ارگ رياست جمهوري مورد استقبال رئيس جمهور غني، قرار گرفت.

— ارگ (@ARG_AFG) November 19, 2020

Pakistan’s prime minister also said that the country will accelerate its efforts to reduce violence in Afghanistan.

“The people of Afghanistan want peace and have suffered for the past four decades,” said Imran Khan.

“Afghan Peace is pertinent to regional economic development and connectivity,” Imran Khan said.

Khan reiterated that despite Qatar talks, violence levels are still high in Afghanistan.

According to Khan, people on both sides of the border want peace and because of this Pakistan will make every effort for peace in Afghanistan.