Taliban attacks undermine peace process; Imran Khan to visit Kabul: Sediqqi

Not only has the Taliban broken their agreement with the US and increased the level of violence in the country, but Afghanistan is still faced with threats from many other terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said at a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday.

“Taliban did not fulfill their commitments, but they have increased the level of violence, said Sediqqi, adding that their ongoing attacks are undermining the long awaited peace talks that started on September 12 but that have since hit a deadlock.

Sediqqi also announced at the press conference that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Kabul this week and will meet with President Ashraf Ghani to discuss the Afghan peace process, and other issues including that relating to trade and transit.

According to Sediqqi, connectivity in Asia will be part of the discussions at the meeting between Ghani and Khan.

Sediqqi also mentioned the 10 conditions that have been drawn up by the international community ahead of the Geneva conference on Afghanistan later this month.

“The peace process, preserving democracy and the republic system, the government’s commitment to rule of law, freedom of speech, human rights and the fight against corruption, are part of the 10 conditions set by the international community ahead of the Geneva Conference,” Sediqqi said.

Sediqqi also said that NATO has expressed their support for ANDSF in a phone call with Ghani.

“Afghan forces have significant capacity in defending the country,” adding that “terrorist groups in Afghanistan still pose a threat to the interests of Afghanistan and international allies.”

Sediqqi said that Afghanistan’s partnership and relations with the international community are based on mutual interests and mutual respect.