14 Rockets Land in Kabul; 5 Civilians Killed

At least 14 rockets landed in various parts of Kabul on Saturday morning just one hour after two IED explosions in the city.

The Interior Affairs Ministry said three people were killed and 11 more were wounded in the rocket attacks.

The rockets landed in Wazir Akbar Khan and Shahr-e-Naw areas in downtown Kabul, Chahar Qala, the Traffic Roundabout, the Gul-e-Surkh Roundabout in PD4, Sedarat Roundabout, the Spinzar Road in the center of the city, near the National Archive road in PD2, and in Lysee Maryam market and Panjsad Family areas in the north of Kabul, according to the ministry.

The rockets landed in various parts of Kabul a few minutes after two explosions happened in Chehel Sutoon and Arzaan Qeemat areas.

The explosion in Arzaan Qeemat left one security force member dead and three more wounded.

Most of those who were wounded in the rocket attacks were taken to Emergency Hospital in Shahr-e-Naw area in Kabul.

Taliban denied involvement in the attack.

11:10 am

Doctors from Emergency Hospital say one dead and 28 wounded have been taken to the hospital following rocket attacks in the city.

11:20 am

The death toll rises to 5 in Kabul rocket attacks, the Public Health Ministry, said, adding that 21 more were wounded in the attacks.

11:30 am

The rockets were fired from two areas in Kabul: the market roundabout and Tahye Maskan areas, police said.

11:40 am

One of the rockets landed within the compound of Iran’s Embassy in Kabul this morning but had no casualties, the Iranian embassy says in a statement.

12:10 pm

The death toll in Kabul rocket attacks raised to 8, the Interior Affairs Ministry said, adding that 31 more were wounded.

The ministry said 23 rockets were fired on different parts of Kabul.