Saleh vows to track down network behind Kabul city rocket attack

Afghanistan’s First Vice President Amrullah Saleh vowed on Sunday to track down those responsible for Saturday’s deadly rocket attack on Kabul city which has been claimed by ISIS (Daesh).

Saleh also said, on his Facebook page, after an early morning meeting with security officials that the death toll had risen to 10 from the attack and the total number of wounded was 51.

“We will find out the networks who facilitated in transporting the materials (rockets) used in the attack,” Saleh said.

Although the attack was claimed by ISIS, officials blamed the Taliban – who have in turn denied involvement.

This was the third major attack in Kabul claimed by ISIS in less than a month.

Two previous attacks targeted educational centers and killed nearly 50 people, mostly students.

Saleh also said on Saturday that security branches have made “great progress” in their investigations into the Kabul University attack.

He said details of the network that planned and carried out this attack were becoming clearer each day and that findings would be released to the public in the near future.

“Whenever the investigation is finished, we will share the details with the people of Afghanistan,” he said.

Saleh also stated that “a change in method is key to bringing about a change in the situation,” and called on Afghans to cooperate with government to eliminate insurgency.

Despite the Taliban’s denial of having been part of Saturday’s rocket attack, many officials believe otherwise.

Recently, interior ministry data showed that in the past six months the Taliban have carried out 53 suicide attacks and detonated 1,250 explosive devices that have left 1,210 civilians dead and 2,500 wounded.