Taliban Overrun Strategic District in Badakhshan

The Taliban captured Maymay district in the northeastern province of Badakhshan on Thursday, according to lawmakers and provincial council members, who said “several” security force members were killed in an offensive by the Taliban.

The head of the NDS department of the district is among those killed in the attack, according to local officials.

The district governor’s headquarters “was set ablaze” by the Taliban after they overrun the district, said MPs from Badakhshan, adding that the militants took “all military equipment” with them.

Maymay is one of the strategic districts in Badakhshan that is located along the border with Tajikistan.

“Currently, the fight is moving on the outskirts of the center of the district. We hope that reinforcements are sent soon. So far no support has been provided to the forces due to bad weather,” said Abdullah Nazari, a provincial council member in Badakhshan.

“It was a major tragedy and an unforgivable action. The residents of Badakhshan have frequently shared their grievances with the government,” said Jawed Mujadidi, member of Badakhshan provincial council.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) declined to comment on the clashes.

According to Badakhshan MP Nilofar Ibrahimi, lack of support from the central government and other shortcomings led to the collapse of the strategically important district.

“The government’s negligence over the past several years has a main factor that the Taliban kept their roots there and enjoyed their sanctuaries,” said Ibrahimi.

The Taliban has not commented on the reports.

Maymay has been a relatively secure district in Badakhshan in the past.