Kabul irked by Mullah Berather visit to Taliban camp in Pakistan

Afghanistan on Friday urged the Pakistani government not to allow its territory to be used by insurgents and elements who insist on continuing the war and bloodshed, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government of Afghanistan considers the closure of insurgent and terrorist sanctuaries and the cessation of their activities vital for the peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis and ensuring regional peace and stability, the statement said.

Afghanistan calls once again for the continuation of sincere cooperation and genuine fight against terrorism and common threats.

Afghan government anger comes following the Taliban leaders’ meetings with Pakistani officials, a series of video footages emerged in which the Taliban appeared among their followers, disclosing the existence of all Taliban leaders in Pakistan and acknowledging their continued activities in Pakistani territory.

“It is with deepest regret and concern that some Taliban leaders were seen in the videos visiting training camps,” the MoFA said.

The overt presence and activities of Afghan insurgent elements and their leaders in Pakistani territory clearly violate Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and continue to cause crisis and instability in the region, posing a serious challenge to achieving sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

According to the statement earlier, the leadership of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan assured the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that it would employ all available means and potentials towards reducing violence, establishing a ceasefire, and paving the ground for a peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis.

The visit of Taliban representatives to Pakistan and their negotiations with Pakistani officials raised further hopes for taking practical steps toward stopping the bloodshed and bringing about sustainable peace in Afghanistan.