Politicians Criticize Government as Attacks Rise in Kabul

Afghan politicians said the government needs to implement proper security plans for Kabul and other parts of the country.

Amidst an increase in attacks in Kabul, political leaders criticized the government for not implementing a proper security plan to ensure the safety of the people, especially in the capital city.

The political leaders, who addressed the second meeting of the High Council for National Reconciliation’s leadership, said the people are tired of the situation and that the government should do something about the issue.

“We witness explosions and killings in Kabul every day. This morning we heard about two explosions in the west of Kabul,” said Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, head of the People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan.

“An explosion has happened,” Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the reconciliation council, said at the meeting, referring to Saturday’s blasts in Kabul. “Of course, it has caused casualties. This is the life of Afghans.”

Targeted killings and IED blasts have increased in the country. Kabul witnesses IED attacks almost every day.

“There is bloodshed in Kabul and other parts of the county daily. Elites and best youths of this country are being killed in systematic murders,” Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum said in a message that was read by the deputy head of the reconciliation council.

“The government officials should seek a solution for the safety of this country,” said former vice president Mohammad Yunus Qanooni.

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that there are evidences that show the involvement of global powers in insecurity in Afghanistan.

“There is no power in the world whose weapons are not used in Afghanistan,” Saleh said

This comes as targeted killings in the country over the past few months have raised serious concerns among the Afghan public and the elite part of the society.

Although, the Taliban has rejected their involvement in the targeted killings, but Saleh said that the group is the main perpetrator of the targeted murders in the country.

Four Blasts in Kabul in a Day

Kabul started the first day of the week with four explosions that happened in less than three hours in various parts of the city, adding to the panic among the people who have been witnessing similar incidents nearly every day over the last few weeks.

Police and security sources said that at least two security force members were killed and six more were wounded in the blasts.

The first explosion happened at around 7:02 a.m. on Saturday morning in the Chaman-e-Hozoori area in Kabul’s PD8, leaving no casualties, according to police. The incident was a magnetic IED blast, police said.

After the start of the intra-Afghan talks in Doha on September 12, the Afghans were hopeful that a ceasefire or reduction in violence will be put in place, however, the Taliban did not agree on a ceasefire despite international pressure.

Meanwhile, part of Khairkhana area in the north of Kabul was closed to traffic by security forces as they conducted an arrest operation in that part of the city. Security forces did not provide details about the operation that started at midnight on Friday and continued through to Saturday evening.