NDS arrests 130 people in 3 months for various crimes

The Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) said at least 130 criminals have been arrested in the past three months in Herat.

The NDS stated that the suspects were apprehended in several operations in connection with cases of abduction, insurgent attacks, armed robberies, and corruption.

The Afghan forces have also seized at least 30 types of weapons and 190 kg of explosives during raids, the spy agency stated.

Addressing a press conference, Herat Governor Abdul Wahid Qatali stated that most of the suspects have been detained in the past week.

β€œ42 suspects were arrested on charges of kidnapping, 17 people on suspicion of terrorist attacks, 16 people on charges of armed robberies, and nine others were arrested on corruption charges,” Qatali said.

Meanwhile, the NDS neutralized 60 IEDs in the province which were planted β€œto target the security forces.”