MPs call out govt over ‘shoddy’ security plan

A number of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) members on Saturday blasted government for failing to ensure the safety of the people and accused government of not having established an effective security plan.

The MPs said the continuation of explosions and targeted killings in the country, especially in Kabul, have left the people frustrated, scared and angry.

One MP said no Kabul resident feels safe and that the few criminals that are being arrested is not enough to resolve the crisis.

“The government and the security institutions have failed to provide security for the people, and even in the capital, no citizen feels safe, and they face the threat of explosions, assassinations and killings every day, and a few criminals that were arrested by the security sector are not enough to provide security. It does not cure any pain,” said Abdul Latif Nahzatyar, an MP.

“Unfortunately, the government has not developed a security strategy that responds to the current security threats, and people are exposed to the threat of terrorist attacks every day, and this has led to a lack of security for the people,” said Abdul Qayoum Sajadi, MP from Ghazni.

“Currently peace and war are a serious concern, and the scale of violence is increasing every day, and the government must take measures to protect the lives of the people, because the people are in danger of death every day,” said another MP from Kandahar Gul Ahmad Kamin.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry stated that serious security measures have been taken to prevent attacks.

“The security plan is being implemented and will focus on the areas that are most vulnerable to attacks; and one of the security programs is the installation of security cameras, which will reduce the level of threats,” said Tariq Arian, the ministry’s spokesman.

Explosions and targeted killings have spiked in recent months across the country, especially in Kabul – leaving people scared, frustrated and angry.

While some government officials have accused the Taliban of being behind most of the assassinations, no group has claimed responsibility for these attacks.