Fuel prices rise by 10pc in Kabul market

Prices of fuel, firewood, Russian gold and ghee increased during the outgoing week in Kabul, market sources said on Saturday.

A worker of Hashimi fuel station in Taimani Square said the price of one litre of petrol rose from 36afs to 40afs and the same quantity of diesel from 38afs to 43afs.

Mohammad Sharif, a gas seller in Kolola Pushta area, said the rate of one kilogram of gas worked out at 55afs.

Unpeeled oak up, peeled oak down

Qudratullah, a firewood seller in Charahi Shahid area, told Pajhwok Afghan News the price of per 560 kilograms of peeled oak fell from 8,200 afs to 8,000afs.

He added the rate of the same quantity of unpeeled oak increased from 7,900afs to 8,000afs. The value of a tonne of coal remained unchanged at 6,500afs.

Flour down, sugar and ghee up

Mohammad Omid Hussain, a wholesaler in Mandavi Market, said the wholesale price of a 49-kg bag of Kazakh flour decreased from 1,740afs to 1,730afs.

The cost of a 50-kg bag of Indian sugar increased from 2,200afs to 2,270afs and 50 litres of Malaysian ghee from 1,550afs to 1,580afs.

A 24-kg bag of Pakistani rice cost 2,400afs, same as last week, one kilogram of African black tea 320afs and the same amount of Indonesian green tea 300afs.

Hamid Sofizada, a retailer in Dahna-i-Bagh locality, said the price of 49-kg sack of Kazakh flour was 1,750afs, and a 50-kg bag of Indian sugar 2,300afs.

A 24-kg bag of Pakistani rice accounted for 2,450afs, a 16 litres bottle of Malaysian ghee for 1,600afs, a kilogram of Indonesian green tea for 330afs and the same quantity of African black tea for 350afs.

Russian gold price up

Mohammad Javid, a jeweler in Lycee Maryam area, said the price of one gram of Russian gold increased from 2,900afs to 3,000afs.

The price of one gram of Arabian gold stayed worked out at 3,600afs, according to the jeweler..

Haji Hussain, the owner of Sadaqat money exchange service, said the value of one US dollar was 77,10afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees 479afs. Last week’s rate of a dollar was 77,10afs while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 478afs.