Elections planned for summer, including Ghazni poll

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Tuesday that various elections will be held across the country in summer, including the long overdue Ghazni parliamentary elections as well as provincial council, district council and municipal elections.

Saleh said that in a meeting chaired by President Ashraf Ghani and members of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), he was tasked with reporting on the constituency for the provincial council elections for another month.

According to Saleh, constituencies is one of the most complex and sensitive issues in elections as it could lead to various groups in society feeling sidelined or undermined.

“Our wish is that all these elections are held. But if we can’t hold them all due to logistical problems, we will definitely hold one or two,” said Saleh.

The Ghazni elections meanwhile where delayed in 2018 due to serious security issues.

Ghani meanwhile met with the IEC two days ago to discuss election plans.

In a statement issued by the president’s office, ARG stated that IEC commissioners showed their preparedness for holding elections across the country.

Ghani welcomed the IEC’s plans and said government was committed to the principle of elections and would provide the necessary resources.