China and Tajikistan increase military presence along Afghan border

China and Tajikistan have increased the number of border troops and outposts along their borders with Afghanistan, security forces confirmed.

An Ariana News reporter also reported having seen the increase in military presence after flying over the area in a helicopter.

According to border guards in Badakhshan, the two neighboring countries have ramped up their military presence in case the Daesh threat increases should a peace deal be sealed with the Taliban.

An Ariana News reporter visited both the Chinese and the Tajik border areas and said Afghan border forces were not well equipped nor were they structured properly.

During the reporter’s visit to Wakhan, in Badakhshan and the border points with China and Tajikistan, he saw from the army helicopter that Tajikistan had increased the number of its checkpoints on the border with Afghanistan. This was also confirmed by security sources.

“We become disappointed when we see Chinese and Tajik soldiers, because they are very well equipped,” Osama Wardoji, a Badakhshan border force member said.

China meanwhile has called for a joint mountain unit with Afghanistan. However, after Washington disapproved, this plan failed to materialize, security sources said.

The governor of Badakhshan meanwhile has said he is concerned about the large number of foreign fighters, especially Tajikistan’s Ansarullah group members, in Badakhshan.

“Foreign fighters like Ansarullah are present in parts of Badakhshan and they are involved in smuggling [minerals from] mines. This is a big threat,” said Zakaria Sawda, the provincial governor.

China, Tajikistan and Afghanistan currently have a joint 150-strong Chinese-backed force on the border working together to coordinate border threats.