NSA claims Taliban not interested in peace, but preparing for war

National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on Sunday accused the Taliban of not showing any commitment to peace and said the group’s negotiating team has no authority to make decisions.

Speaking at a security meeting at an Air Force Corps in Kabul, Mohib said the Taliban negotiating team leaders do not have the authority to make their own decisions and are therefore wasting time in the process.

Moheb also said that intelligence sources indicate that the Taliban are preparing for war in the spring.

“We have new plans for the war ahead. We fulfilled our wish for peace, but the Taliban did not use it. Security forces suffered few casualties in the fighting,” said Yasin Zia, Afghan Chief of Army Staff.

Meanwhile, intelligence information from security agencies shows that the Taliban is preparing to launch their spring offensive.

“The Taliban has no intention of making peace. Terrorist groups are working for foreign intelligence and their only goal is to kill people.

Security forces have meanwhile said they are prepared for the Taliban to launch their spring offensive.

“The security forces are fully prepared, the security forces are in favor of peace. If the Taliban choose the path of war, they will face us. The level of coordination among the security forces is high, and new preparations have been made for the continuation of the Republic,” said Massoud Andarabi, the minister of interior affairs.

In addition, Shah Mohmood Miakhiakhil, the deputy defense minister, said: “The plans we have, we are trying to implement. Our forces are prepared to fight against those who have a sinister plan. They will not allow terrorist groups to destroy public facilities and kill innocent people.”

This comes amid ongoing peace talks in Doha, Qatar.

However, some security sources have said the next spring offensive could be one of the bloodiest years in 20 years, unless talks yield some results.