Three people killed in separate incidents in Kabul

At least two people were killed in a targeted “Taliban” attack on an army vehicle in PD6 Kote Sangi area of Kabul city on Thursday night, the Ministry of Interior said.

Meanwhile, in another incident, also in PD6, a civilian was killed and two others were injured when a magnetic IED exploded against a private Toyota Corolla car in the Daralaman area of Kabul.

Police confirmed the blast but did not provide details about the identity of the victims.

The two incidents, within an hour of each other, sparked a strong outcry among social media users who blasted security agencies for the lack of security.

Facebook users asked how can two people be assassinated in a crowded area but police could not chase the perpetrators.

This comes after the European Human Rights Ambassadors issued a joint statement and condemned civilian casualties in Afghanistan. They said that a significant number of casualties is caused by the Taliban and various terrorist organizations.

“The targeted killing of human rights defenders, judges, journalists, media workers & civil society actors is unacceptable.”They called for accountability and the need for an investigation into all attacks and added that all perpetrators must be brought to justice.

Following the rise of targeted killings in Kabul first vice president Amrullah Saleh said those criminals who are arrested and found guilty must be executed.

Reacting to Saleh’s remarks about the execution of prisoners, the Taliban reacted to recent remarks by Saleh, about the execution of prisoners the Taliban warned that if members of the group are executed by the Afghan government, they will retaliate.

A Taliban spokesman said all of the group’s prisoners , who have been sentenced to death by the Afghan government courts, had been among the 5,000 prisoners already released and that any mistreatment of other prisoners in the group would seriously damage the peace process.