Clashes Ongoing in Herat City for 6th Day

Clashes entered the sixth day in the city of Herat on Monday specifically in districts 2, 3, 7 and 14 as well as in the southern parts of Herat’s capital near Injil district.

Herat is the second provincial capital city along with Lashkargah where heavy clashes have been underway for the past few days.

“We have air support and the Taliban’s gatherings have been targeted in various parts of Herat city where they have sustained heavy casualties,” said Herat governor Gen. Abdul Saboor Qani.

A former mujahedeen leader and senior member of the Jamiat-e-Islami party, Mohammad Ismail Khan, who is leading public uprising forces in the fight against the Taliban, asked Heratis to mobilize against the Taliban and assured them that the city will be defended.

“It is an obligation to all men and women in Herat to save themselves from this force of ignorance,” Khan said. “The Taliban has found more arrogance than in the past.”

Some young men who recently joined the public uprising forces said they will not allow the Taliban to take over the city.

“Our homeland will be destroyed if we leave it to the Taliban,” said Mohammad, a public uprising forces member. “We will not allow the Taliban to capture our country. They will be defeated.”

“The imam of our mosque has joined the Taliban and is fighting against us,” said Shahryar, a public uprising forces member.

Meanwhile, three civilians were killed and 10 more were wounded in an explosion in the city of Herat on Monday evening, health officials said.

According to security sources, the blast targeted a bus carrying civilians, and women are among the victims.