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India’s Approach To Middle East Hinders The Middle Eastern Quad – OpEd

India’s engagement in the Middle Eastern Quad in the form of I2U2 partnership strategically situates it as a key international player in the complexities of Middle Eastern conflicts. The repercussions of this positioning have become apparent in the form of India potentially facing isolation, particularly in the realms of politics and diplomacy. This was notably exemplified by India’s decision to […]

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China’s Inefficient And Unsustainable Central Planning – Analysis

Over one hundred years ago, Ludwig von Mises wrote about the impossibility of successful rational economic planning under socialism. Yet China is still trying, even while its blend of markets and socialism results in shortages and surpluses. This article examines three contemporary initiatives spearheaded by Xi Jinping, each marked by an inherent problem: food insecurity, the aging crisis, and the […]

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Afghan and Turkish foreign ministers hold talks in Ankara

Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi met with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan in Ankara on Monday. According to a statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the sides discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan, the humanitarian situation, the security challenges, and the regional cooperation. They also exchanged views on the bilateral relations and the prospects of enhancing cooperation in various […]

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