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China’s Global Security Initiative (GSI), The Treaty Of Amity And Cooperation In Southeast Asia (TAC), And The Direction Of Philippines-China Security Relations – Analysis

At the annual Boao Forum for Asia held last year on 21 April 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping decisively launched the concept of Global Security Initiative (GSI) to embrace the principle of “indivisible security” that the academe has been discussing for decades since the end of the cold war. Indivisible security contends that one nation’s security is inextricably linked with […]

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South China Sea Dispute: Rising Tensions And Geopolitical Complexities – OpEd

The South China Sea has become a problematic arena, with rising tensions between several states, mainly China and its neighbours. The conflict over this strategically important territory has evolved into a complicated and multifaceted issue. In this essay, we will look at the origins of the South China Sea conflict, China’s claims to the entire region, and the numerous reasons […]

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Al-Qaeda Still Potent

A terror group which globalised the concept of Jihad and have existed for more than three decades is not dependent on just one leader for its survival With the recent killing of Al-Qaeda (AQ) chief Ayman al-Zawahri in Afghan capital Kabul a lot of speculation is happening on the future of this terror outfit. Some analysts even going to the […]

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