Preparations made to address migrants’ needs in Balkh: official

Local officials in Balkh province say preparations are made to support and address the issues of immigrants who have been recently evicted from Pakistan.

The deputy governor of Balkh Noorul Hadi Abu Idris said that the establishment of a camp with tents, the provision of health services, and the provision of food items are among the most important preparations of the local government for Afghan returnees.

Abu Idris stated that this temporary camp includes tents, food, clothing, health services, and other necessities to deal with the problems of the migrants in a timely manner.

“The gate that is in Mazar-e-Sharif city, we created a camp there; we identify there; there is a computer; everything is ready there. For everyone who wants to move there, there are tents, clothes, and blankets,” said Idris.

“The authorities are ready for the emigrants; a committee has been established for this issue in Balkh, and large meetings have been held. We have held meetings with traders, money changers, national and international institutions, and NGOs, and they have given us assurance,” said Asadullah Wafa, head of Balkh migrants.

According to statistics, after the forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan, about 1,000 families have come to Balkh province.

Some families have expressed their satisfaction with the opportunities provided by the Islamic Emirate.

It should be mentioned that since the last month, more than 3,000 families have returned to Balkh from Pakistan, and their problems have been addressed by the relevant authorities.