Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to supply electricity to Pakistan via Afghanistan next year

The Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan plans to start electricity exports through Afghanistan to Pakistan under the CASA-1000 project next year.

The $1.2bn CASA-1000 regional power project is designed to interconnect the power grids of the four participating countries, allowing for hydro power-generated electricity to be exported from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Based on Kyrgyzstan’s plan, about 1.25 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be exported to South Asia during the summer of next year.

Exports will increase to 1.7 billion kilowatt-hours in 2026 and to 1.75 kilowatt-hours in 2028.

Earlier this year, Kyrgyzstan signed a joint declaration with Pakistan and Tajikistan to resume the CASA-1000 project.

The World Bank has also announced that it has agreed to resume the project.